Adherence: The Ultimate Money Saver

It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking your medications every day as prescribed is the best way to save money.  You save by maximizing the effect that your medications have on your health.

An example:  Jim the patient has high blood pressure.  He is prescribed lisinipril 10mg once daily by his physician.  Jim forgets to take his medication about 6 days out of every month for 6 months.  Jim goes for a blood pressure check at his physican's office and his blood pressure reading was still elevated.  Jim's physician decides to prescribe another medication to Jim thinking that the lisinipril was not working well enough.  Now, Jim has two medications each month that he has to pay copays on.

The reality is Jim's blood pressure would have been well controlled and not necessitated the additiona of another drug if Jim would have remembered to take it every day.

Does this situation sound familiar?  If so, here are some tips and products to help.

Place your medication near a place you can't miss it.  An example, you are prescribed a medication  you take before bedtime.  You place that medication by your alarm clock since you turn on the alarm before you got to bed each night.

or place your morning medications by your coffee pot if you drink a cup of coffee each morning.

Many pharmacy smartphone apps also have an option to set medication reminder alarms

Lastly, you can also set your medications out in a daily, weekly, or monthly pill organizer like the ones featured below.  This way you can tell if you miss a dose and organize them by time of day you take them.