Brand Name Crestor for $3 for up to a 90 day supply

I was mailed a copay card from AstraZeneca this weekend and I wanted to share it with all my fellow frugallers

Show this card to your pharmacy along with your crestor prescription and get up to a 90 day supply for only $3

This card is only for uninsured or commercially insured individuals.  Like almost all copay cards this cannot be combined with federally or state funded insurances such as medicaid, Tricare, or medicare part D plans.

Limits: Save up to $130 off your copay for a 30 days supply, $260 off a 60 days supply, and $390 off a 90 day supply.

That is pretty darn generous.  I know I've seen copays for rosuvastatin, the generic of Crestor for way more than $3.

You can use this to eat up your deductible pretty quickly, ask your pharmacist to fill your prescription with the brand name Crestor and then use this card.  The full amount of your copay before this card will be applied to your deductible and you don't have to pay it out of your own pocket!

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