Save 40% on Humalog and Basaglar

Blink Health and Eli Lilly have partnered to help reduce the cost of their insulins to diabetic patients.  they are offering Humalog and  Basaglar (biologic generic to Lantus)for 40% off via Blink Health. Don't forget you get an additional $15 off your order if you are a first time user of Blink Health and utilize my link.

If you are in your deductible phase this could save you HUNDREDS of dollars per month!

Blink Health

there is also a copay offer if your insulin is covered but have a higher copay.

Humalog U-200 offer - pay as little as $25 per month.  max savings of $100 each fill for 24 total fills.

Basaglar Savings offer - pay as little as $5 per month. Max savings of $150 per monthly prescription for 24 months

If you are on any other insulin and they are expensive ask your Dr if a switch to Humalog and Basaglar are right for you to help you save money and make your medications more affordable.