Men's health friday

Happy Friday!

Today's savings tip is for men.  Men who experience erectile dysfunction (ED) pay HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Staxyn, Levitra, etc.

Well good news guys!  You can now have the same benefits from a medication that is available as a generic and only costs $22.33 for 30 tablets!

The medication is called sildenafil.  it's actually the same ingredient that is in Viagra but  comes in a lower dose.  you may have to take from 1 to 5 tablets to get the desired effect however that still beats paying over $60 a tablet for the name brands.

So ask you prescriber if this cheaper alternative would be right for you.  then go to Blink health, sign-up and pay for your medication, take both the prescription and you Blink Card to the pharmacy and enjoy the savings.

Save $15 on your first prescription at Blink Health through my affiliate link below

Blink Health

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