Save on your Pet's meds

The best discounts I've found on the most commonly prescribed pet medications with human equivalents are listed below.

Antibiotics -

  • Amoxicillin and Cephalexin - Free at Meijer (quantity limits), $4 at Walmart  (quantity limits), very cheap through Blink Health 
  • Doxycyline - Comes as monohydrate and hyclate and also tablets and capsules.  Blink Health has the best prices on the monohydrate capsules which is usually the cheapest option.  Have your pharmacist call your vet to make the switch to save you money.  

Phenobarbital-best deal is with Max SaveRx card powered by Rxcut

Methimazole - Blink Health is the best deal for this medication with a price of $10.51 for 30 tablets. Both discount cards are about $15 for this medication

Levothyroxine -  Price varies by strength but Blink Health is the clear winner for lower strengths especially with the promotion.  Max SaveRx is the best option for higher strengths most dogs require.

Tramadol - Blink Health is the leader with a price of $4.68 for 30 tablets

Fluoxetine - Capsules will always be the cheapest option Blink health is by far and away the best deal at only $6.98 for 30 capsules. For tablets the best deal is a toss up depending on which pharmacies are in your area so check both SearchRx and Max SaveRx

Enalapril - 5mg tablets prices vary by pharmacy and location with the free discount cards SearchRx and Max SaveRx. Blink Health isn't the cheapest unless it is your first time filling with my $15 off your first order promotion.

Insulin- available OTC (no prescription needed) for Novolin/Humulin N and R. the cheapest place to purchase this is at Walmart for $25 per 10ml (1000 unit) vial of ReliOn brand insulin. If you don't have a Walmart near you then the next cheapest option is Blink Health at about $100 per vial for Humulin 10ml

For heartworm, flea, tick, or other pet medications without human equivalents check out the suppliers below to find the best prices.

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