Savings tip - 90 day prescriptions

Many prescription insurance plans offer a cost savings when you get a 90 day prescription instead of a 30 days prescription.  The insurance companies commonly offer 3 months of medications for only 2 months copays.

For example, my prescription plan charges me $5 per month for generics.  If I get a 3 months supply I only pay $12 so I save $3 each time.  That may not seem like a lot but if your brand name copay is $50 a month and your insurance allows you to get 3 months for $100 that is a significant savings!

Check with your prescription insurance provider to find out if you have this benefit.

Even using cash discount cards like the Max SaveRx card or the innovative Blink Health usually a quantity discount is applied.

For example, 30 tablets of Simvastatin 20mg via Blink Health is only $4.91 (16 cents a tablet) but if you get 90 tablets it is only $10.52 (11 cents a tablet).  That's a 32% savings!

Blink Health