Asthma and COPD #1 - Dulera, Symbicort, Advair, Breo Ellipta

Asthma and COPD controller medications can be some of the most expensive medications a person can be prescribed.

I've found some savings offers if you are prescribed one of these medications.

Dulera:  Free trial for 1 free inhaler - anybody can use it

Dulera $15 copay card - Save up to $90 per prescription.    Commerically insured patients only.  Also works for Asthmanex twisthaler and Asthmanex HFA

Symbicort - Free trial offer, first month free -  anybody can use it

Symbicort $0 copay card - commercially insured patients receive up to a 90 days supply for no charge even if it is not covered under your insurance or required a prior authorization!  Cash customer save $100 per prescription.
Advair discuss and HFA $10 copay card -  saves up to $50 per prescription for commercially insured patients

Breo Free trial offer - anyone can use, no registration required

Breo Ellipta savings offer - First month free then $10 per month for the next 12 months for commercially insured patients.  Max savings of $100 per month.