Weight management drug savings

If you are looking to lose weight and have a BMI >27 there are treatment options for you.  Many of the medications require prior authorization through insurance and some aren't covered at call.  Below are some of the medications used and some savings offers.

Contrave Savings card - Pay as little as $30 per month if you have commercial insurance that covers Contrave..   Cash customers and medicare part D or Tricare members pay $90 per month with this card.  

Belviq and Belviq XR copay card - Commercially insured patients can save up to $160 per month off their copay.  If it's not coverd by your insurance or you have medicare and pay cash then you can save up to $185 per month.

Qsymia - free 14 day trial offer or  $60 copay with up to $95 savings on your first month then save $65 per month after that.

Saxenda $30 copay card - Save up to $200 per month.

Phentermine - available as a generic and is fairly cheap.  Comes in 15mg 30mg, 37.5mg capsules and 37.5mg tablets.  The best cash prices are through Blink Health for all strengths and dosage forms. 30 of the 37.5mg tablets are only $11.64 and 30 of the 37.5mg capsules are only $14.77.  Take advantage of my exclusive offer and get up to $15 off your first fill at Blink Health which means your first month would be FREE.  The discount is reflected in the cart.

An effective OTC option is also available called Alli