Women's Wellness Wednesday - Migraine Prevention Medication Savings

Migraines are known to be more prominent in women due to the effects of the hormone estrogen.  In fact the prevalence of migraines is 3 times that of in men.  Today I will discuss some options for migraine prevention and treatment.  The list of medications below include medications that have an approved FDA indication for migraine and some medications that are used "off-label" by prescribers. This is an informational only post and all recommendations must be agreed upon by you and your prescriber to meet your individual need.

Prophylactic (preventative) medications:

Topamax (topiramate) -typically 50mg twice daily.  can titrate up to a max of 200mg per day.  only $9.85 for #60 50mg tablets (save 97%) at Blink Health.  Free first fill after my exclusive offer.  Offer price will be reflected in the cart.

Trokendi XR (extended release topiramate)$0 copay card available. Saves up to $250 per month for commercially insured and uninsured patients.

Inderal (propranolol) - Can be immediate release of extended release.  prices vary with the immediate release tablets being cheaper overall but you have to take them 2 to 3 times a day.  The extended release capsules are more expensive but you only have to take them once daily typically.  The best deals can be found using the SearchRx or Max SaveRx discount cards.  Always compare the discount prices with your insurance copay, your insurance isn't always the best deal.

Corgard (nadolol) -  commonly 80-160mg once a day.  pricing on par with propranolol ER capsules. Best prices again are found using the SearchRx and Max SaveRx discount cards.

Depakote ER (divalprex extended release) - 500-1000mg once daily.  The prices vary by pharmacy so I recommend Blink Health since it's the same price no matter which pharmacy you use.  #30 of the 500mg tablets is $41.01 Save 74%.  Get $15 off your first fill with my exclusive offer.  Offer price will be reflected in the cart.  Your insurance will probably be a better deal unless you have a high deductible or are uninsured.

Tenex 1mg - 1mg once daily is the typical dosage for migraine prophylaxis.  This is an inexpensive medication with #30 tablets only $8.14 at Blink Health.  That's a 86% savings. Free first fill after my exclusive offer.  Offer price will be reflected in the cart.