Womens Wellness Wednesday #2 - transdermal estrogen products

Elestrin $35 copay card - no registration required just attest you are 18 years or older and not on a federally funded plan.  max savings of $45 per 30 day prescription.

Estrogel copay card - Save up to $35 per prescription.

Evamist $25 copay card - Can be used by both cash paying and commercially insured patients.  Save up to $70 for each prescription.

Divigel copay card - Save up to $25 on your next 12 fills.

Minivelle patch $15 copay card - no registration required! Save up to $55 per month. You can even get a mail in rebate if you have already filled some or your pharmacy doesn't accept copay cards or your use a mail order.

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