Womens Wellness Wednesday #1 - vaginal estrogen products

Below are some money saving offers for some of the most popular vaginal estrogen products used to treat varying feminine ailments

Estrace $25 copay card - can only be used 4 times, must be used before 3/31/17, has maximum limit it will pay on each fill but has no specific dollar figure listed in the terms.   only good for commercially insured patients.

$15 Premarin cream savings card - commercially insured patients save up to $225 per prescription!  Max of 2 savings per year for a totral of $450 worth of savings. Cash paying customers can save up to $75 each fill with a max of 2 fills per year for a total savings of $150.

Estring $15 copay card - Save up to $100 per prescription for 4 total fills for a total yearly savings of up to $400.

Vagifem tablets - Save up to $40 per prescription for a max of 4 fills totaling up to $160 in savings per year.

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